Washing wool, carding, spinning. Taking care of cat.

So, over the last week I washed up some rambo/cormo and a little sample of targhee. Carded a bagful of the turmeric-dyed suffolk. Spindle spun some of the turmeric-over-dyed blue lagoon superwash. Just put some more coopworth in to soak.

Found out that my older kitty is diabetic (peeing everywhere and meowing at me and I took him to the vet and his blood sugar was ridiculously high). So, now we have glypizide pills to give him twice a day (ask me how funny it was that I haven’t given pills to a cat in 20 years and he didn’t want to take it) and give him a lower carb diet. He doesn’t like the diabetic canned catfood and doesn’t really seem to like the diabetic kibble. Dr. Laura (Fulks) says that any canned food is better than any kibble, so I’m having a little bit better luck with Aldi canned cat food. But, here I am, heating up a tablespoonful of stinky cat food in my microwave so it will be more appealing to him and he is incredibly picky AND I’m supposed to get him to eat nearly 3 cans a DAY because he weighs almost 20 lbs and if he loses weight too fast it can result in liver failure. ugh. If I mix in the diabetic food, he doesn’t like it. If I give him the non-fish flavors, he doesn’t seem to like it (and a couple of online places say that the fish flavors are not so good for cats–they deplete some B vitamin, sheesh!). I”m considering trying a meat diet for him, but then I will have to add kelp and eggshells and stuff or buy whole/ground-up rabbit meat or something and I hate the idea of DOING that and having him still not eat it.

I am also working on a sweater for a Guild baby shower! 🙂 The hooded sweater that I “always” make, although I always make modifications to it (and I will have to re-type those from my hard copy, because the file was lost with my old hard drive). The “original” sweater is here at Bev’s Country Cottage, Fran’s Hooded Baby Sweater.

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