Brilliant Idea!??!!

I want to get in on the PhatFiber box (I’m not sure if I should post the link, apparently it is a huge new thing for spinner-knitter-fiber types to want this, and now I want one too).

I can’t very well send out 45 free batik t-shirts, and I wouldn’t know what sizes to make for people anyhow. And I’m not sure that I spin enough to want to increase my yarn market that much…although maybe…

Anyhow, Evan is home sick today and I’m spending too much time on the computer (I really have done a little research on the collared lizard, which is Oklahoma’s state reptile), and thinking about what I could send as a sample for batik t-shirts…and it struck me! Little cotton drawstring bags with the sheeps and llamas batiked on and my etsy shop name!!!! Is that brilliant?? I can get the bags for not too much and then they can be used to hang spinning tools/supplies on a wheel or as a little project bag!

If you are actually reading this, please comment or something with feedback.

2 Responses to “Brilliant Idea!??!!”

  1. haley Says:

    Great idea on the bags!!

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