Batiked notion/project bags!

I got the first “tester” set of the batik bags I’m planning to send for the PhatFiber boxes done last night.  Need to tweak the llama a bit, I think (does the llama have to have longer legs??), for the template.  But overall I found them fairly pleasing.  These are 8 x 10″ bags — I have one like that hung on my wheel with tools and oil and stuff.  Or they could hold a small project.  Hopefully they will be good advertising for my batik t-shirts and possibly sell a few in their own right.  Haven’t done any bunnies or dragons or grasshoppers yet.


Last night I decided I might have to try some Magic 28 socks, too, although I’m wondering if there is a thickness of yarn that will result in the socks fitting me or not?  Better do a little more research–if YOU know this, please leave me a comment!  I guess charity knit socks are good, too.

Guild meeting tonight and Aimee is bringing my FLEECE and I am bringing Nadine’s sheep shirt!  Congrats to Nadine for not only being in the Ashland paper, but also in Spin Off for her spindled yarn!  🙂


One Response to “Batiked notion/project bags!”

  1. Nadine Says:

    OMG! Those bags turned out super adorable. I think they both look so cute how they are. I can’t wait to get my shirt. Yay!

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