Update: Schola (forwarded from Lord Arthur)

Hello My Lords and Ladies!

I am pleased to announce that we are waving the fee for this event. After
much deliberation, we’ve decided that the logistics of having a combination
Demo (an event that is typically free) and an SCA event on an open campus
makes charging a fee difficult at best and prohibitive at worst. Instead,
this event will be a donation based event. We will reimburse all teachers
for supplies and effort out of our donations and the Gleann Iaruinn general
fund. So please, anyone interested in teaching, at the event, we will
reimburse for all supplies necessary for the event (just keep receipts).
We’re still looking for more teachers, and we’re excited about the classes
we have lined up already!

On that note, the current class list consists of:

Fencing 101
Marshalling 101
Period Fencing
Dagger usage for fencing
Heavy Weapons primer
The Skies of Galileo
Beginning Chain Maille
Intermediate Chain Maille
Advanced/Jewelry Chain Maille
Baron Munchausen Story Telling Game
Drop Spindling
Begining pewter casting
Advanced pewter casting
Building small wagons for SCA use
Writing an Elizabethan sonnet
A Medieval Dog Cart
Beginning Heraldic Studies
Elizabethan and Cavalier costuming
Costuming: from cut to construction
Reproduction Buttons
English Country Dance
Juggling 101 (and advanced for those who want to have fun)
Intro to Calligraphy

We look forward improving on our event from a year and a half ago, and it’s
already looking to be great. Our press release goes out tomorrow via the
university network, and we’re anticipating a decent turnout.

For those needing directions:
Shawnee State University is located at 940 Second Street, Portsmouth, Ohio

I hope to see you all there!
Lord Arthur of Gleann Iaruinn


Grace’s notes:  This is to take place on Saturday, April 11 at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio.  I have said I would teach drop spindling.  I HAVE to teach at around 10 am, because we have to be back in Huntington/Chesapeake for a church egg hunt at 1 pm.


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