More of my report from guild retreat


(I posted much of this on Ravelry already, in response to Annie’s question, but didn’t want to “waste” the effort…added a bit more).

There wasn’t much in the way of sleeping, but I spun 3 skeins of yarn and worked a bit on a knitting project, ate lots (including Nadine’s truffles and Cyndi’s chocolate cake ), got to chat with lots of people, sold a few t-shirts, got lots of swag! I started putting it all on my blog, but, it turns out I have other things to work on today…! 🙂


kid mohair yarn;  Bearlin Acres Farm roving

kid mohair yarn; Bearlin Acres Farm roving



The kid mohair handspun was the second thing I worked on at retreat.  I got the roving as a doorprize last year but hadn’t spun it yet.  I really liked the kid mohair!  The roving was donated by in Moab, Utah.  It came from Cunnington Farms.

The Bearlin Acres Farm roving is grey lambswool from a leicester longwool cross sheep.  I will tell you more later, when I actually spin it!

I sat between Nancy and Alane, so I chatted most with them. Nice to see Laurie and Linda and Linda. Hadn’t met Debbie Rapp before, but I bought some roving from her–she had cute little needle felted sheep, etc that she was selling, too. I got to briefly meet Sam, but she was there when we were having lots of doorprizes and not so much moving around. And I was plying some yarn and trying to not get myself all tangled up. lol.

As usual, Mitzi did a great job organizing the whole thing and keeping everyone focussed on what is important. Deb Powell and Patricia got us WONDERFUL things by their begging skills. My favorite things I brought home were a sock kit from Miss Babs (lovely, hand-painted superwash wool yarn and the adorable 9” sock circular that I am so enamored of) and some silk caps (donated by Janet Anderson, one of the Lewisburg ladies, which I tried to start spinning last night on my spindle from Jim at–I got all tangled up in the silk after I attenuated the layer of cap! Hope my skills improve!) and several bags of wool and some alpaca that I have hardly even begun to take a really good look at yet.

Someone taught Maria to spin and she won TWO spindles!   We are all scary enablers! I am a big fan of little sculpey-whorl spindles for beginners, since they are practically free, very colorful, fairly easy to make, can be different sizes/weights…


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  1. Linda Says:

    Goodnessgracious– Please let me know-good or bad- what you think of the roving. Thanks for the mention on your blog.

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