Got some fleece from Jane

Went to Portsmouth this morning and taught a drop spindling “class”–I didn’t do any lecture at all about the technical stuff or history.  At 10 I was just arriving and still putting on my brooches, etc and there were no “customers” around really.  Went to talk to Sebastianne and came back and there were several people!  A few ladies and a couple of families with kids.  Everyone tried spinning with the hooked stick or a drop spindle or my charkha wheel and I think a couple of them might keep it up.

Then we drove home, stopped at McDonalds and drove to Jane & Jerry Morse’s farm for our church kids’ egg hunt.  And Jane gave me a big bag of fleece from her DorsetSuffolk-cross sheep (hey, one of those down breeds! lots of Jane’s have black faces).  She picked some of the best fleece for me when she sheared a couple of weeks ago.  Pretty.  I just put some of it in to soak!  Thanks Jane!!  🙂


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