Blackstone Raid, our dogwood tree…

Andrew got “killed” lots over the weekend at the SCA event, but he reports that overall he usually got 3 people for every time he got killed.  He is in the blue & black linen armor.  The armor is from LinenArmor and he says it is much cooler than the denim/duck Triplette arms fencing jacket he usually wears for practice–I think it looks awfully sharp, too.  🙂  I think the Triplette cost a lot less, and his is burgundy and has held up for several years, so I’m not saying anything bad about it (I’m not sure which one it is in the catalog–Andrew says the Triplette jacket is from their division company ZenWarriorArmory, which explains why I couldn’t locate the jacket on the website!).  The linen armor waistcoat has fancy buttons and he has parti-colored pants and hood to match.


Try the one of our house?

pink dogwood in our front yardClose up:


I taught (on Saturday at the Blackstone Raid) a little drop spindling class for a couple of students, one of whom was a knitter and thought she might actually continue using the spindle.  The car was stuffed too full for me to bring my wheel, but tonight is Guild, so I can spin with folks there!

Nadine came along and sat at my vendor booth with me, which was nice, because then I had someone adult to gab with.  The kids were VERY well-behaved and sat happily after they took a finger loop braiding class with me and did their 3 hours of kids’ stuff.  I sold a little bit of stuff (dragon baglet and t-shirts, spindle kits…), so, that helps to defray the cost of the weekend (which wasn’t much anyhow, since camping was free once we paid our site fee).

Overall, an enjoyable weekend!  Next weekend is the Heritage Farm Festival, and I’m planning to volunteer at that, too.  🙂


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