Phat Fiber & Heritage Farm Festival

I got my samples and my graphics turned in and now I’m officially on the Phat Fiber contributor pages.  Here is the list of all the sample contributors for this month’s boxes.  If you sign up for the secret email they tell you the date the boxes go on sale on Etsy.  There are “Just Stitches” boxes for people who don’t want to get spinning fiber and boxes that have fiber AND yarn and accessories, etc.  Jessie says there will be about 200 boxes total.  50 of them will have my little batiked fiber animal baglets, which are meant to be samples of my t-shirts, but I  have both the baglets and t-shirts for sale on my Etsy shop if you don’t get a box or you don’t get my baglet. 


alpaca, llama, sheep & bunny batiked t-shirts

alpaca, llama, sheep & bunny batiked t-shirts

I wish that I’d remembered to take photos of the onesies I made for Julie’s baby with goats on them…I did goats, too, but don’t have one on the photo in the tree.


goat baglet

goat baglet

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain.  Bleah.  I hope it doesn’t, because I am going to volunteer (with my kids!) to help at the Heritage Farm Festival in Harveytown (just south of Huntington, off 14th St West).  I think I’m going to be in the kids’ barn helping Laura.  I am bringing spindles and wool to teach spinning and I might have time tonight to get the hand-made warp-weight loom with the rigid heddle that I built last summer for vacation Bible school warped so I can bring that along and let kids weave on it, too.


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