Heritage Farm Festival, etc

I had fun at the Heritage Farm Festival on Saturday!   I worked/volunteered in the Kid Zone barn for most of the day–showing people (mostly kids, but not all) how to spin wool to yarn and how to use a little frame loom to weave.  I WISH that I’d gotten my warp-weight loom warped, because it would have been GREAT to show off, but that will have to happen next time.  I also visited the Yellow Goat Farm area and bought some of their chevre and petted the baby goats.  So cute!

My kids ran around all day (played checkers, went on the nature trail, ate lots of junk food & ice cream, did the see-saw, did “chores”, petted the animals) and spent my money–including picking up some honey for me from Reid’s Apiary, which is one of my traditional things to do at the Heritage Festival.  🙂

They sheared the sheep!  

If you’ve heard me make reference to Leah & Mary, the ewes at the farm, this white (Dorset) sheep is Mary, and I have some of her fleece.


from Herald Dispatch photo, Audy leading Mary

from Herald Dispatch photo, Audy leading Mary

Oh, and I got a kiss from the llamas

I’ve been still working on that Anytime Wrap and on spinning–some of Debbie Rapp’s blue-grey roving on the Traub and some of Debbie Dull’s Green Valley Farm shetland (washed myself from the fleece) on the Baynes…


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