What’s in your altoids tin?

On one of my groups on Ravelry, this is a discussion thread.  I had my husband save me Altoids tins (I don’t eat mint)…but they were empty so far!

Yesterday, same wonderful husband went to the head shop (he is a college professor and hopes that if any students saw him they don’t spread rumors–he was there for me!  nothing illegal!) and bought me this little scale.


tobacco/postage/WOOL scale :)

tobacco/postage/WOOL scale 🙂

I had heard of this sort of scale, but I’d never seen one.  You put the keyring looking thing on your finger and the solid circle hangs down.  You clip the thing you want to weigh on and it hangs and the arrow points to the weight.  One side is marked up to 4 oz and the other side is marked up to 100 grams.  It cost $7.

And it fits in my Altoids tin.



3 Responses to “What’s in your altoids tin?”

  1. Nadine Says:

    That things is very nifty. Where is the head shop? One of those gadgets would be very helpful.

  2. wildwoodflwr Says:

    There’s one above the Java Joint, Nadine. 😛 But I don’t know if that is the one referred to here.

  3. goodnessgraciouswv Says:

    I got my scale at the Happy Camper on 4th Ave.

    Sorry, I replied privately to Nadine when I ought to have posted on here for anyone else who is curious.

    The one upstairs of Java Joint is “Scent from Heaven” or something like that.

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