Faux batts

So, I don’t have a drum carder.  I am much more happy with batts and rolags than with most roving.  Probably because I spin semi-woolen modified long draw.

This gives me some problems.  I don’t much like to buy roving.  I like hand-carded wool, but, then I have to spend a LOT of time processing it.  I won’t break down and get a drum carder yet.  So, my favorite inexpensive, prepared fiber is spinning bells from the grab bag at The Sheep Shed Studio and laps from A Yarn or A Tale.

I wanted to make fancy, multicolored (multilayered?) batts.  So, I dyed some pieces of spinning bell different colors that I thought would look good together and pulled the layers apart and stacked them up and rolled them up to spin.


Not perfect, but pretty cool, I think.  And they look nice just sitting there, too.  If I do say so myself.

Tomorrow is our Guild picnic (potluck, 11 am Ritter Park, bring chair and drink, too).  I love potlucks. Did I mention that?   🙂


I’ve actually been getting a goodly number of t-shirt orders, which is very exciting!  If you want to get one of your own, go to my etsy shop.


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