Log cabin throw for a friend’s dad–in progress…

A friend of ours’ dad has cancer.  Apparently he likes blankets, and his son is fascinated by handspun yarn.  So, I’m knitting him a throw.  It is NOT all handspun, however.  I didn’t have enough of the right colors available, and plus, most of my handspun is wool–which, I guess, is not so good for people having all those chemo and radiation treatments.  I’m a little over half done, I think.  This is what I have so far:

PICT2041About half of the white/cream areas are superwash wool handspun.  The rest of it is machine washable–mostly acrylic.  I am all out of the splotchy blue yarn (LB “Mystery”) and have to get creative to finish the rest–right now I have 3 different #15 circular needles working and holding stitches while I add to it in various directions.  I don’t much like casting off and picking up–I keep as many edges live as possible, lol.  This is based on the Mason Dixon Log Cabin Moderne things.


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