Tie-dyed cotton yarn in process…


This is Peaches & Creme yarn that I am dyeing with procion dyes with the non-sheep PhatFiber sample box in mind.  It took a LOT of rinsing.  Not like dyeing wool where it exhausts!   I think I’m going to like it, though…And I don’t think any of it is too tangled.  I won’t know for positive until it is dry and I poke at it more.  I think maybe it ought to be tiny little balls instead of skeins, but I’m not sure a good way to put the labels on if I do that.  hmmmmm

Lots of people on the Phat Fiber Ravelry group still  hankering for the little batik bags, but not sooo many of them selling on my etsy shop.  What gives?  I guess that not everyone has even gotten their June boxes, so I oughtn’t panic.  Anyhow, for July I am sending some of that tie-dyed yarn and some bags.  Haven’t decided how many total…Oh, and I got some magnets that look like my business cards and sent them directly to Jessie already for her to put in some boxes.

I sent a few (10?) batik bags to Susan for her to give away at her Spinning Bunny Open House this weekend.  If you live near Ithaca, NY, go by!  She has details on her website.


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