Batik tote bag, busy tie-dyeing and other summer stuff

I just listed an alpaca-design zippered tote on my etsy page–wondering if people would like larger bags, rather than just the little drawstring pouches.

 I also have some other styles of bags I’ll be trying out AND some TINY little drawstring pouches to dye–coming soon!

I have been spindle spinning while I make visits to the library and other things with children who are on summer vacation.  Right now I’m spinning a sample from the May Phat Fiber Box from Infinity Yarn & Fiber.PICT2412  There is a blog, too.  The roving/top? is pretty yellows and very soft merino/mohair blend.  I made that spindle myself with sculpey clay and I LOVE it.

Speaking of mohair.  I spun some kid mohair that I got over a year ago and I LOVED it (it was from Cunnington Farms and was donated by Desert Thread).  There was a lady on Spindlers who was selling 4H fleeces and I bought some angora goat from her (as well as a little “unidentified wool” and she sent two little packets of angora bunny, too).  Unfortunately, the mohair/angora goat was INCREDIBLY MATTED.  Ugh.  Apparently this has been a big problem this year.  Anyhow, I have attacked the least-bad of it with my dog brushes that are supposed to be good for mats and had a little luck.  I’m afraid it is going to be too much work to do too much of it (some of it is worse), but I hope to salvage some.


AND, yesterday I helped the Junior Battle of the Books kids tie-dye t-shirts for about 3 hours.  I was pooped!  Christopher dyed his own shirt and then SO NICELY played and read at the library while he waited for me!  🙂

2 Responses to “Batik tote bag, busy tie-dyeing and other summer stuff”

  1. mamakin Says:

    Are you spinning that thin fiber straight from the roving???? I’m pulling mine apart into thin strips, pre drafting, then spinning & it’s still tough to get it thin and even. You’re amazing!

    • goodnessgraciouswv Says:

      Thanks! I am not all that amazing, but I’ll take any compliments, lol.
      Yes, I am spinning straight from the roving. It helps if the roving is not too compacted and quite “even”, if that makes sense. When I spin on a wheel I am mostly a long-draw spinner. I think that might effect how I spin on a spindle as well–I pull my hand, on a wheel, pretty far back–not inchworming. That is a little harder to do with a spindle, since the new yarn you’re making has to support the weight of the spindle.

      What sort of spindle are you using? What sort of roving? I might not know them, of course, as I am very much a “do-it-yourself-er” and don’t buy that much stuff if I think I can make it. The spindle I’m using is pretty small, though.

      I would be happy to TRY to help with your spinning, but I’m not sure how helpful I can be! Maybe I ought to make another video! 🙂

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