Gotta warp my homemade loom to take to the Heritage Farm Youth Festival on Saturday

There is a big youth soccer tournament going on in Huntington this weekend and the Chamber of Commerce or someone asked people to do stuff to keep the visitors busy.   The Perrys, who run the Heritage Farm Museum & Village are having another daylong festival on Saturday to help with the effort.  Laura asked me in May if I could come help with this one too.  At the big festival I brought spindles and wool and taught some people how to spin and I watched over the little frame looms they have for kids to weave on.  Cool.  But I hate those type of looms.  So pick-up-one-thread-at-a-time.  I feel bad trying to convince children that their ancestors not so long ago were stupid enough to make all their fabric that way, because, of course, they didn’t.

Carolyn Priest-Dorman has a bunch of references you can check out for warp-weighted looms.  She is an SCA person who I always look for when researching Viking things–I am pretty lazy about it, but she isn’t, lol.

Another Brief History of Weaving.

This is cool, has Egyptian art showing looms and spindles…

Anyhow, fairly early (before the Vikings–before Christ), people made string heddles (they tied strings around some of the warp threads in bunches, so they could lift half of the warp threads, for example, at a time, and then lift another bunch so they didn’t have to pick-pick-pick all the way across), and then they made rigid heddles (like my popsicle stick thing with the holes and slots) sometime later (told you I was lazy)…Anyhow, WAYYYY before Colonial and Pioneer Americans…

I like the rigid heddle loom and I think it is easier to use and easier to teach kids about weaving on.  Here is the one I built last summer.  Since then, I have purchased a “real” heddle reed from Yarn N More, but I don’t want that getting broken and it has plastic in it…

If I can manage it tomorrow, I’ll put all the warp threads on my loom and put them through the heddle and tie the weights on and make sure I have all the pieces to assemble the frame and I’ll bring it to the Youth Festival at Heritage Farm Museum in Harveytown on Saturday to let people play on it.


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