My bamboo sliver came!

I ordered some carbonized black diamond bamboo fiber from Cotton Clouds and it came yesterday!  I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to spin any yet–but it sure is soft & shiny!

I missed spinning on Day 3 of the Tour de Fleece, but today I already spun a little on my spindle and intend to spin on my Baynes as well.  I’m in the middle of at least three different spinning projects on my Baynes, so I’m not sure if I will get to the bamboo today, or keep on the BFL or spin some of the merino/silk that I have a bobbinful waiting…

“Stole” one of my own shirts from my Etsy shop today because it hadn’t sold in a while and it was the right size and the right color and I didn’t have a goat shirt for myself yet.

Gotta go clean for least a little while–I have the house to myself, so it does seem like a shame to spend the time cleaning, but I have to do SOME as it needs it.  This week the boys had church camp–Evan’s staying over, but every day but tonight Christopher has just been in day camp, so I have been spending nearly 2 hours in my car (half hour each way, drop off & pick up).  I guess I ought to have been listening to audio books or something, but the road is very twisty and people tailgate if you aren’t going fast enough, so I guess I need to keep my mind on the road.  Monday I spent at least part of the day doing “samples” for my sprayed-dye-soywax-batik method that I did with the older kids at camp (see another post?  maybe tomorrow?).  Tuesday I spent the whole day at camp, since I was doing the dyeing with the kids for a bit over an hour and thought it would be silly to drive up and back THREE times.  I think the kids enjoyed making their shirts–maybe too hot to get really effective soywax batiking outside, or maybe they used too much/too little wax.  Some of the shirts turned out pretty well, but some were not distinct designs and some came out WAY pale overall (I believe that is my fault, near the end I watered the dye down some, which would have been okay, but since I had the activator/ash directly in the dye spray, I think there wasn’t enough activator in some of the dye).  The counselors seemed to enjoy it, anyhow.  THEN last night I went to the library and did round two of Battle of the Books tie-dye t-shirts!  whew!

I will try to put up some photos & description of my “new” dyeing method soon…  🙂

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