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It’s Here!

August 31, 2009


My BRAND NEW Fancy Kitty Kitten Drum Carder!

I  haven’t even played with it yet–it came while we were at the library and I have to get the kids to bed.  I just OPENED it and took the photo and the rest will have to wait… If I can stand it!  🙂


I ordered a drum carder of my own! :)

August 29, 2009

It is a Fancy Kitty Kitten Drum Carder and it is supposed to be here on MONDAY!  whoo hooo!!  Got email confirmation etc right away from Ron.  

My ACTUAL kitten had to go get her stitches checked today because her tummy looked “too bumpy” to me.  She had bitten off one of her stitches (from getting spayed) and now she has to wear a humiliation cone and have antibiotics for a week.  So far we managed to give her one dose of the abx and it was NOT so easy to do.  So much of her is so sharp!

In other acquisition news, I bought a pack of little crochet hooks and two pairs of plastic knitting needles at the new dollar store near Aldi.  Last week at ACMoore I got some Paton’s Silk Bamboo on sale for $3 a ball–1 got about 400 yards and I’m not sure what to make with it.  Maybe I should go back and see if they have more?

What I need to be doing today and tomorrow and the next few days is finishing up figuring and doing and packing and sending my samples for the Phat Fiber box–yesterday I picked and bagged up some “Baba Yaga Hair” (really a cloud of washed Coopworth fleece).  I have some baglets with dragons and fiber animals, some bamboo and cotton handdyed yarns, some of those hand-pulled roving balls.  Can’t decide EXACTLY how much of what I’m going to send!  Might also just send extra business cards with little bits of yarn attached to them…


hand-dyed hand-pulled hand-carded roving balls

hand-dyed hand-pulled hand-carded roving balls



AND, in other news, my Brown Bag Enrichment Lunch series is ready to go!  We’ve worked out most of the problems with the lunch ladies and the first meeting will be Tuesday–Susan Korstanje is going to do a creative writing workshop.  I have some kids already signed up (expect more on Monday & Tuesday, some of the flyers didn’t get home until yesterday) and there seems to be lots of interest!  YAY!

Phat Fiber, Pancreatic Cancer Purple Scarves. Hmmmm, what else?

August 27, 2009

A friend forwarded me info about a WV business doing a contest for purple scarves for pancreatic cancer patients.  All fibery things are good.  Those that are also thoughtful and seek to help people are even better!  This one is local-ish AND you can WIN something, if that piques your interest.  Go to the pancan site for more info on the contest/donations.  My church choir director from Illinois, Don Decker, died of pancreatic cancer about 11 or 12 years ago and the cat that I’d gotten from him as a kitten just died a couple of weeks ago, so this touched me today.  Maybe I’ll try a nuno-felted scarf??

I’m “in” for the September Phat Fiber box, I think.  I have some dragon batiked baglets and some princess themed hand-dyed yarn and maybe some fiber to send in.


enchanted castle cotton

enchanted castle cotton

princess bamboo

princess bamboo

Not very secret sale

August 17, 2009

Last week, when waiting for the kids to get their immunizations, a lady commented on their shirts (Evan was wearing a dragon-batik and Christopher a goat-batik) and I gave her my card.  I forgot to give her a “coupon” and I don’t know her name!  Anyhow, as I told some people before, I raised my Etsy prices because it was suggested that that sometimes actually helps sales, but if you are reading this, I’ll give you $5 off a $25 batik t-shirt or  (paypal refund).  Just put “$5blog” in the Comments to Seller section so I know.


GOT WOOL ladies small grey batik sheep tshirt
Sheep Batik t-shirt Unisex 2XL earth green
GOT WOOL ladies XL pinky-purple batik llama tshirt
ORCHID PURPLE batik PIG micro-mini 5x7 drawstring bag
EARTH GREEN batik SHEEP 5x7 micro-mini drawstring bag super for knitters spinners
bumpy black and white handspun yarn mini skein FREE shipping
GOT WOOL youth XL pink batik sheep tshirt
GOT WOOL Sheep Batik t-shirt Unisex M ORANGE
FREE SHIPPING batik LLAMA 8x10 EARTH GREEN drawstring bag for knitters spinners gifts
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SALE kid's med/small orchid purple LLAMA batik tshirt
GOT FLEECE 6-9 mo LLAMA onesie fuchsia pink
grey batik DRAGON at rest youth medium tshirt
GOT WOOL kids xs orange sheep batik
FREE SHIPPING batik ALPACA 8x10 turquoise blue mini project or notion drawstring bag knitters spinners
orchid purple tie-dye 5x7 drawstring bag for little things
GOT WOOL sheep batik backpack 12x14 great for knitters spinners fuchsia pink
turquoise blue tie-dye 5x7 drawstring bag for little things
earth green tie-dye 5x7 drawstring bag for little things
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Mr. Hanna’s book coming out soon…

August 14, 2009

Our elementary school principal wrote this and it is illustrated by a past-parent.

Find it on Barnes & Noble.


Vincent J. Muggs is a 9-year-old boy who loves to explore. If he had all the technology in the world at his command, Vincent would envision eight separate scenarios of how things would be if he were in charge.

His innocent humor will charm adults as well as children. One unique feature in the book is a glossary of terms written in the order that they appear.

Vincent J. Muggs has the ability to allow children to understand some of life’s difficulties in a loving way. He has the boyish wisdom that will warm readers’ hearts, making this a story that will be read and reread over the years.

Heifer Project & PhatFiber giveaway

August 10, 2009

Phatfiber is doing another sooperbox giveaway–you get entered by donating at least $5 to Heifer International.

I just donated (2 shares of llama)!  I’d been meaning to give again because it has been since April and I give 10% from my batik t-shirt sales toward buying animals to help others.

Sorry I haven’t posted much…

August 7, 2009

I have been working on an enrichment project (see my school blog) and dealing with trying to get the right insulin levels for the cat.  Add to that the stomach bug we got and the general business of summertime with children home from school and I have not been getting that much done in the way of fibery things.  I’ve spun with my spindle and I finished a prayer shawl.  Not much else.  I’ll get back to it.  Really!

My boys’ team won Battle of the Books!

August 7, 2009


I’m not sure why they (esp. Christopher) are not smiling, they were excited!  They won first place in their division (they split the younger kids into two separate groups so they could fit in the room) in the Cabell County Library Junior Battle of the Books.  Evan has been playing since he was in kindergarten and Christopher since after first grade and this is the first year they placed.  They only missed one question and they even challenged one question they thought wasn’t correct (they were successful with the challenge, too).  We are all very proud of them!!  Good job guys!