I got the flyer out!

I JUST figured out how to get the flyer assembly OFF.  Unfortunately  I do not really understand double-drive wheels very well and am not sure that the extra whorl thing is doing what it is supposed to.  I have been reading up and I’m getting closer to “getting” it.

The open end of the flyer shaft (where the orifice end is) is fatter than the hole in the front maiden, so I cannot slip it out of the maiden. When I put a leader onto the bobbin and put the end through the orifice and out again and then turn the drive wheel, the bobbin shifts and the leader gets jammed in between the orifice and the maiden opening.

I thought maybe I could put a (new/different) flyer assembly into it instead of trying to get this one to work, but the two I have at home are from my Traub and Baynes wheels and they are TOO LONG to fit between the maidens.

I have also thought about trying to make it (convert it?) to single drive and add a brake someplace. Anyone have experience to share about doing this?

With some reading on the Antique Wheels group on Ravelry I tried again and I got the front maiden to swivel–still a problem since the front orifice end of the flyer is too fat to fit through the bearing, but I managed to un-wedge the leather bearing (that is what I thought was plywood) from the back maiden and get that end open and got the bobbin off so I can clean & oil it up.  Whew!




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