Various things to catch up

Note to self:  the canvas bags take FOR-EV-ER to absorb dye.  I think I put the wax on thick enough that it will be okay, but I’ve had the messenger bag in the dyebath twice as long as I normally leave the t-shirts in and it is still not as dark.

Hooded cardigan with super bulky (new Lion Brand Hometown Pride) yarn.  Crocheted.  Liked all the parts.  Didn’t like the final product.  I think I’ll rip it all out.

Crocheted hats.  Sat in the children’s church Christmas musical dress rehearsal and finished one whole hat and started another.  These will go on the mitten tree at church, methinks.

Sock machine.  I knit one sock (mock rib, hung hem, will do an afterthought heel and toe later) plus half of its mate on my Gearhart sock machine, but got tired of sitting there.  Really ought to finish that one.

Bookshelves everywhere.  My FIL brought us a bunch (8?) of bookcases from his house, along with some dressers and a “new” futon/bed for child #2.  Not all of the bookcases are in their correct homes yet.  He also brought (and had previously sent, but they haven’t been put away yet) several other boxes of books and a bunch of MILs yarn.  Some of the yarn needs to find someone else’s home to live in.

Rambo-Cormo lambswool anytime wrap.  I finally finished spinning the rest of the kool aid lemon-lime dyed fleece into 2-ply yarn and I have knit about 2 bobbinsful into this very easy (see other post about the Anytime Wrap I made for Jane from handspun, handdyed wool) lacey shawl.  I have lots of shawls, but I almost didn’t give Jane’s to her because I thought it was so pretty.


One Response to “Various things to catch up”

  1. Nadine B Says:

    I have recently gone through my yarn stash and I would be more than willing to see if some of that yarn would like to live in my stash. 🙂

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