Ah….Knitting you are so beautiful and Crochet you are so fast!

Really, that is what I think.  I am sure that there are people who crochet really beautiful things (well, my friend Nadine does) but I am not that skilled with crochet.  I can do really basic things.  I can’t really follow a pattern.  I made Nadine teach me last year just so I could make hats faster for the Mitten Tree at church.  I have made a couple of things that I am really happy with (the hippy vest, the mystery-stitch hat), but I find most of the things I can do are very utilitarian.  Which is great, too.  I can crochet up a dishcloth/washcloth/whatever in far less time than it takes to knit a similar one.

But, I still love my knitting.  I am working on this green wrap and I am totally in love with it and can’t wait to finish it and block it and wear it and gather in the adoring looks.  🙂  I’m not a particularly fast knitter, however, and it is many many many stitches to finish something lovely in skinny yarn (which is how I’m starting to really prefer my yarn).

Unblocked lace Anytime Wrap I’m working on.  Knitted with handspun, handdyed, handprocessed rambo/cormo lambswool.

crocheted Santa-Elf hat with pompom.  Mostly single crochet double-strand lionbrand woolease with a faux-fur yarn (I forget which, I got it on sale) trim.

Oh-So-Easy Crocheted Washing Up Cloths–last year I finally made some knitted dishcloths.  I don’t really use dishcloths, but the lady who got them at the Twelfth Night Gift Exchange was really excited.  These crocheted ones are faster.  And really easy and I’m pleased with them.  I am hoping to write up the pattern and put it on here and add it to Ravelry…

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