Guild Fiber Olympics

Tomorrow starts our Guild’s Fiber Winter Olympics!  I am trying to get things organized and “train”.  I am not sure if I am entering the Figure Spinning competition because, well, aside from maybe not having enough time (since I am also working on TWO science test item-writing assignments), my “novelty ply” skills seem to be lacking.

I tried to do “Turkish Knots”  (see page 125 of Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning — I own this book, but you can see the page on Amazon ) and it came out pretty but too tightly spun and thus “hard”.  I sought advice on Ravelry Novelty & Art Yarn Forum and got some answers that seemed to help, but I haven’t gotten any good at it yet.  My results are pretty, but still overspun.

So, I’ve picked my yarn/needle/pattern for a knitted hat and a crocheted hat for the Pentathalon, along with the two skeins of 2-ply I will spin, and I’m thinking of weaving on a TriLoom that I’m trying to get my friend John to make me in the next two weeks, lol… I can enter the crocheted hat also in the Curling (crochet) event.  And I’ll probably do some of my semi-famous felted recycled sweater mittens for the felting portion of the Pentathalon.

I’m ALMOST done knitting the lemon-lime handspun rambo/cormo lambswool Anytime Wrap!

I need to update my Etsy shop with some t-shirts that I’ve batiked but not gotten online yet.


One Response to “Guild Fiber Olympics”

  1. wildwoodflwr Says:

    Good luck! I hope you get all your Olympic items finished on time!

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