Noro Circular Sweater…the saga begins…

Where to begin?  I have a lot of yarn.  On top of yarn I’ve collected, I inherited much of Sunny’s stash and my friend Norma was de-stashing and put me “in charge” of getting rid of 3 tubs full of yarn for her.  Some of it I kept.

Then there is all of the handspun that I’ve made myself.  I am sortof picky about who I am willing to share my handspun with and I mostly only have a few ounces of any one yarn.  I do have a pound here and there (up to three or 4 skeins is my max, I think) of some of them.

I have been thinking that I would like some sort of a sweater that will help me use up all these different yarns.  I think that possibly this sort of circular sweater (my friend Jenn made one for little Ella before she was born) might work, but I probably want the stripes/spirals to be narrower than one skein and I wouldn’t want to CUT the yarn and make the sweater and then HATE it, so I thought I ought to make a “test” version with “commercial” yarn.

I have 9 or 10 skeins of BEAUTIFUL Noro Kureyon yarn in my house.  Three skeins from Norma’s stash and 6 skeins that Sunny gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago and most of a skein leftover from another project.  They all have purple in them, so I figure they ought to be okay together.  Famous last words.  lol.  I also have 4 skeins of Wool in the Woods llama/wool yarn that MIGHT go.  Two different colorways, but also both have purpley bits.  The Wool in the Woods is softer than Noro and in larger skeins.  Possibly those will become involved at some point.  Or maybe some other “plain” yarn in a coordinating color.

Anyhow, I started something.

I have in mind something like a Pinwheel Sweater (from Elann), but I liked the 8 “wedge” construction on the Circular Vest better (theoretically, lol). So, I’m using Noro Kureyon in two colorways that I think will go together, alternating balls (knit one whole ball, switch).

Didn’t really enjoy the first few rounds with the 5 dpns when it was tiny, but I’m on row 25 or so now and it is much more fun. I did a couple of repeats of the mesh pattern, then a couple of repeats (8 rows) knit in stockinette but including the increases. Then back to the mesh pattern for a couple of repeats (4 rows each) and planning to alternate like that with the stockinette and mesh.

I am also planning to do something like the “better armhole” suggested here… and make sleeves like in the Pinwheel Sweater, although I am not sure what my yarn situation will be when I get done the body, so I haven’t decided for sure if it will be a vest or a sweater. If I do sleeves, I might use a solid yarn (like black?) for them and a crochet edging.

Day 2–I decided 3 repeats mesh then 2 repeats stockinette. After row 32 I switched to a much longer circular needle AND went up to 10.5 🙂

Day 3–finished with first ball and did a Russian join for the first time. It is pretty, and not quite big enough to do the armholes, but getting close…

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