Noro Circular Sweater, continued and FINISHED!

I put details (sortof) as I was going on my Ravelry project notebook.  If you already read THAT, then this will be boring, sorry.  ;p

Day 8–I’m now on two long (29”?) 10.5 needles and it is nearly large enough (about 20” radius, unstretched), not too crowded on the needles. I have 4 balls of Noro left and one ball of purple Lopi which I am intending to use to do a crocheted bindoff. How many balls do I need for the sleeves?? One each? Two each? One and a half?? Eeek… I also am unsure how much yarn I need for the bindoff. I know it is a lot, but likely not the whole ball. Decisions decisions!

Day 9–After consulting with KnittingKnadine, I put the whole edge (after row 88 and the end of ball 6) on waste yarn. It is nearly 20” unblocked. I am going to start on the sleeves and reassess as it goes…

Day 11–Working on first sleeve. HATED picking up the stitches from the waste yarn, but, then again, I would have hated seaming it, too. lol. I am using a #11 16” circular needle on the sleeve b/c I had one. I’m doing 8 rows of the mesh and then 8 rows of the stockinette. Haven’t decided on how the cuff will be shaped yet. Saw some cute variation with a more lacy cuff with a bell-shape (i.e., Molly Weasley sweater), but am not sure about how much yarn and, since Noro is a little scratchy, if having 3/4 sleeves might be wiser anyhow.

Day 13– One sleeve done. It is mostly straight and it is stockinette from about halfway down and then several rows of garter stitch with a crocheted bind off. One ball was fine. Now I picked up all the body stitches off the waste yarn and am adding on more–one ball of Plymouth Boku and then I have 2 more balls of Noro (not counting what I need for the other sleeve) and another of the Boku if I need it. Am not positive how big it will block, but HATE the idea of it being too small!

I was working on binding off the edges at a birthday party for one of my son’s friends and attracted attention to myself (I am such a show-off!).  One of the boys (who is in my Crochet Club at school), says, “Hey, you have 4 knitting needles and a crochet hook in that!”  It was actually two long circular needles (but there are the two wooden ends on each, with the cable in the middle, and they haven’t learned to knit yet, just crochet) and a crochet hook, but he was mostly correct.  I used EZ’s idea (for circular shawl bindoffs that was in the Knitter’s Almanac) and when it was time to take the whole circular sweater body off the needles, I went backwards from the last stitch.  Chain 6, slip through 3 knit stitches, chain 6, etc until they were all off the needles.  So, I had a little loopy edge that isn’t too tight.  I did that on the cuffs (along with some garter stitch rows), too.  The loopy edge worked to go around a big wooden button (instead of a button hole) that I tried on the chest of the sweater as a closure, but I wasn’t sure I really liked it.  I have my olive wood shawl pin that looks like a knitting needle in it for now.

I was nervous about the 3 different colors of Noro and one of Boku, but I think it came out splendidly, even with the more-tweedy look of the Boku compared to Noro Kureyon.

Week 3ish–FINISHED last night and blocked it! I think I used 9 balls of Noro and 1 of Boku?  Eight balls in the body and one for each sleeve.   I wore it today with a wooden shawl pin thing through 4 layers of folded down “collar”

I was going to block the thing on Evan’s bed, but he slept in it last night, so I had to do it on the floor instead.  I ended up not pinning it at all but just smoothed it out mostly evenly.  It is a BIG circle!

The whole thing is pretty neat.  It really is very much like a shrug, however, and not exactly a sweater.  It has sleeves (good) and it has a lovely long back that goes below my rear (good), but the front isn’t exactly what I want, and the sleeves aren’t set exactly perfectly.  And I had to “fiddle” with it a lot to get it “right” with the foldback collar and fastening.  I was considering making a sweater from mixed handspun yarns on this same principle, but I don’t think I really need TWO of them, so I am still looking for the perfect sweater plan to use with a bunch of different handspun yarns.


2 Responses to “Noro Circular Sweater, continued and FINISHED!”

  1. Pam Murphy Says:

    Yep that’s you alright!

    A quick note to say your sweater/shrug is stunning! I love it. I’m not on raverly so I can’t see what you’ve wrote. Oh, well. One of these days I may join.

    Have a good day, Pam

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