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Free pattern for the Crocheted Flower Hats!

January 31, 2011

Read the previous post for the fun info and more pictures… 🙂

Grace’s Super Fast Hat Recipe


The super-fast flowered crochet hats are such a hit!

January 31, 2011

I made a hat for my neighbor, Dream (who makes spectacular food/catering, by the way DreamCooks ) because she didn’t HAVE A HAT!  Such things!!!  Anyhow, she loved it and wore it to the YMCA and all sorts of folks wanted some.  And some ladies at school and church wanted some.  And friends of theirs… But, in order to sell a hat for a low-ish price, they have to be fast for me to crochet.  I make gifts for people all the time of things that take hours and hours to knit or crochet, but I won’t mass produce them and undersell my labor!  So, I discovered that with a big fat Q crochet hook and fat yarn I could make a hat & the flower in around an hour.  I offered those for $15 each.  If people wanted a “finer” gauge, I do them with thinner yarn on an N hook for $20 each (they take me longer and use, probably, more yarn).

I’m hoping they become all the rage and all the middle school girls will want them!

black elf-y hat with grey & black ribbon yarn flower

blue round-topped hat with boucle flower

cream, smaller gauge hat, with multicolored flower

crocheted baby hats with super-soft yarn 🙂

Free PDF of a “recipe” to make the hats in the next post (already up, go see!)