So, I have been silent here…

Apparently, I divide my focus when I post on several Facebook pages, including my own Goodness Gracious WV page and sell things at artisan markets and Art Walk and Etsy and … whoo!  I have had some things at The Common Ground Shoppes at the Heritage Station in Huntington, too.

I will make a little effort to post here, too! (Sorry, you’ve missed all sorts of recipes and pictures of tshirts and descriptions of “new” batik techniques while I have been silent!)
I’ll start with the easiest thing. Photos of some batik t-shirts:

green sea turtle, pink owl, purple hedgehog batik onesies

green sea turtle, pink owl, purple hedgehog batik onesies

And some patchwork satchels:

patchwork satchels with long handles and snap closures

bright-colored, hand-made, lined patchwork satchels with long cross-body strap and snap closures

so you can see the strap better… 🙂

And a crop of handspun yarns:

Wool yarns, all handspun by me 🙂
Sortof clockwise from upper left: fat grey & grape shetland (3.5 oz, 100 yds, $20); fat berry blue & black Dorset/Suffolk & Jacob wool (90 yds, $15); 3 skeins berry Dorset & soysilk (78 yds, almost 2 oz, $18; 90 yds, almost 2 oz, $20; 102 yds, just over 2 oz, $22); fat natural grey Coopworth wool (78 yds, 2.5 oz, $15); fat cherry Dorset/Suffolk and Jacob (90 yds, $15); two skeins approx. worsted hazelnut superwash merino wool (225 yds, 3.5 oz, $25; 210 yds, 3.5 oz, $25)



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