The Wild Ramp KickStarter Campaign

Many of my friends are “Friends” of The Wild Ramp, which is a new local-producer grocery at Heritage Station in Huntington. More about that:

in the Herald Dispatch

more in HD about an upcoming conference

on WV Public Radio

Anyhow, one of my friends, who is a volunteer and all that stuff (and also has a cool blog about bicycling and going car-lite A Simple Six ) asked if I might like to design one of the possible t-shirts for the Wild Ramp’s Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the business (it is a non-profit and is run by volunteers).  We are still waiting to hear from the Board members and I think there are other artists also working on this project, but this is my design

my design for the Wild Ramp

It is, really, mostly their logo, but I have rendered it in glue gel and soy wax-resist batik with procion dye.  I draw a “template”, but each shirt has to be hand-drawn by me with the resist material, dried overnight, “painted” with a second resist (melted soy wax), chilled, then dyed for several hours, then washed and dried.

These two shirts are on their way to be displayed or something at the Wild Ramp.  I’m pretty sure they don’t want me to sell any yet, as the plan seems to be that if you give enough money you get a t-shirt as a reward gift, like with public broadcasting.  After the Kickstarter thing is complete, they might be selling some in the shop. Or I will sell some and give a portion of the proceeds to the Wild Ramp. It isn’t worked out yet.

But, hey, if you would like to support this great new, growing (ha ha ha, get that little garden-type joke?) endeavor to increase the availability of fresh, local food to Huntington AND increase opportunities for local growers, producers and artisans to find a market for their stuff, hop on over to the Kickstarter proposal and consider making a gift!  Thanks!  🙂

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