Crocheted pinwheel sweater

crocheted pinwheel sweater in progress...

crocheted pinwheel sweater in progress…

I am working on crocheting a “pinwheel” sweater like the one I knit a couple of years ago.  Unfortunately, I am not as skilled with making crochet-stitches/patterns that come out looking the way I see them in my head, so the nice little ridge/hole things (like on the shoulder of a raglan sweater) that I like so much on the pinwheel/circular sweater are not coming out the way I want.  At least not yet.  Maybe I can perfect them in the future.

I am using a fat “M” hook and Bernat Mosaic yarn.  The yarn is very nice (not scratchy or awful to work with) acrylic and has LOOOONG color repeats like Noro, but is machine washable.

I started with a short chain, slip stitched it into a circle, crocheted 8 sc into the center of the first circle.  Mark beginning of round, but spiral continuously around– Next round, 2 sc into each stitch.  Next round, *sc, 2 sc” around.  Then *sc, sc, 2 sc” around.  *sc, sc, sc, 2 sc” around.  I think I got up to about 5 sc stitches and then 2sc.  Then I marked the circle into 8 wedges and did increases at each wedge-marker.  When I got to about where the marker was, I did a ch-1 and then the next stitch I sc through only the back loop, then continued with sc-ing around.  I took this photo when it was almost time to make the armholes for the sleeves–it is almost as wide as my shoulders.

My previous posts about the knitted circular sweater make with Noro Kureyon and Plymouth Boku yarn

Also found this post
where she crocheted a similar sweater!  🙂

Might try this DROPS one sometime, too


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