Fast “Golden Harvest” Yeast bread, started in bread machine & baked in oven

I’m using MOSTLY Mark Bittman’s recipe for fast yeast bread
but I’ve put extra ingredients in the dough (the idea for adding canned pumpkin came from a recipe in “Breadtime Stories” with mashed squash in the dough), mixed it in my bread machine on “rapid” cycle until it stopped for the rise, put the dough in an oiled BIG loaf pan with the top also sprayed with oil and let it rise in the warm oven (heated to 200 and then turned off, before I put the bread in) for 25 minutes. Took it out, let the oven heat up to 425 for 5 minutes. Brushed the loaf with water and sprinkled with kosher salt, put in the oven for 15 minutes… then I’m going to turn it down to 350 and bake 15-30 minutes longer.

1 cup milk, warmed
4 T butter, melted
1/2 can pumpkin, warmed (I put those first three things together in a pyrex cup in the microwave)
1 egg
~2 T honey
~1.5 cup oats
1 t salt
2 t yeast
~3.5-4.5 cups all purpose white flour (started with 2 cups and kept adding about a half cup at a time as the bread machine was mixing, until it wasn’t sticky anymore)

This came out quite yummy, fairly tall, pretty golden colored.

The second time I made this bread, I divided the dough–about half I used to make a monkey-bread cinnamon-bun thing in a round cake pan, dividing half of the dough into a bunch (24 or 32?  I forget) little pieces, dipping each in butter and sprinkling with cinnamon sugar–the other half of the dough I baked in a smaller loaf pan (a one-pound loaf, I think).  My husband thought the bread was very good with gjetost (brown Norwegian whey cheese).  It was good for sandwiches and yummy with Nutella spread on it and also good hot with butter to go with homemade soup.


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