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Darn Good Silk Cloud yarn “Lavalette” Shawl

May 26, 2015

Several friends posted links on Facebook to Darn Good Yarn and their special — $20 for yarn for a silk laceweight shawl pattern/kit.  This company trafficks in Fair Trade fiber to help women in India & Nepal, so, I figured I ought to give it a shot.

The yarn came and it was lovely (soft yarn, intense color) and TINY-thin compared to what I mostly knit, but I’ve been having problems with arthritis (!) pain in my left thumb, so I thought maybe it would be a good change to try.  But I was intimidated by the pattern that came with the kit (I prefer nearly-mindless knitting), so I poked around and “found” the Lavalette Shawl pattern stored as a pdf in my iPod.  I’m not sure where/when I uploaded it, lol, but it is available on Ravelry, too.

My friend Cathy helped me by holding the skein while I used the ball winder at Guild and  I cast on to a size 7 bamboo circular needle to get started!

To be completely honest, I cast on and ripped out about 3 times, never ONCE attempting to do the cast on that the pattern suggested (a provisional thing with crochet chain and picking up bumps and turning twice, all to get me to SEVEN stitches).  I decided to just cast on (knit on) 3 stitches, do the “standard” thing for a triangular shawl start (knit one, yo, knit to last stitch, yo, knit one…repeat each row until you have 7 stitches) and pick up the instructions from there.  I tried to do it without stitch markers, lol, and that was also not working, duh, so I I dug around until I found FOUR stitch markers that weren’t gigantic and then it went pretty smoothly.  I’m only in the first Stockinette Section so far, but I like it.


My next “problem” is trying to decide if I’m going to just use one skein or both??