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DIY add pockets to a vest for a “travel vest”

June 1, 2015

Got this vest for $2 at Goodwill, used some fabric I had already and home, my lovely brain, and my cool snap press and made myself a “hidden” pocket travel vest! 🙂



denim vest from thrift shop

denim vest from thrift shop

I thought about getting a “travel vest”, but they either were really expensive, really ugly, or were going to take three weeks to get to me and I hadn’t planned ahead enough.  So I thought maybe I could make my own!

I opened the vest up and laid paper on top of it and felt for the seams and traced with a washable marker to make templates for the places where I wanted to make the pockets.  I thought it would look best if I tried to make the seams mostly on the already existing seams.


I folded all of the edges under, sewed the top/open edge first, then put the pocket onto the inside of the vest and sewed through the edges to attach the pockets.

The upper chest pocket is a “hanging” pocket–I sewed the upper edge hem all the way around, folded it into a little bag shape and sewed the top/back edge of the open part onto the denim–it is only attached at the top, so it “hangs” inside the vest.

resin snap press

resin snap press

I used my snap press to put resin snaps on the vest and on the upper edges of the pockets so I could snap them closed.

finished "travel vest" with pockets you can't really see from the outside :)

finished “travel vest” with pockets you can’t really see from the outside 🙂

This is the finished vest.  I think it is going to be convenient, not too heavy, doesn’t look like a safari vest, lol…the snaps are a little crooked.  Oh well.  I guess I should have drawn a line.