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WV “Faux Bahn Mi” sandwich

October 24, 2017

So, I had bahn mi for the first time a couple of years ago (in South Charleston, WV) and it was super yummy.  It had a ginger-lime mayonnaise and was on a really nice piece of baguette and had carrot/daikon pickle on it.  I bought daikon in the Asian market (near the restaurant, not near my house, boo) and made the carrot/daikon pickle and found a recipe online for the sauce, too.

I can get good baguettes at River & Rail Bakery, but usually I am too lazy.  I tried making the sandwich with regular bread, the pickle, the mayo and some lunchmeat I put in a trying pan and it was pretty good.

I had bahn mi again at PHO restaurant in Huntington, WV and I really liked that, too, but the dressing/sauce was different, and they put a TON of cilantro on it (I like cilantro, but I took it all off and tore the stems out and put the leaves back on my sandwich, that is probably “wrong”, but I did it anyhow).

The daikon is also a problem for me.  I’m not sure where to procure it without driving for two hours. At any rate, it isn’t something I keep in my house.  I made the pickle once with carrots & regular red radishes, and that was also pretty good.

But, one day we had bologna in the fridge (my spawn are very fond of it, probably because it has sugar in it, sigh) and I decided to make “Hillbilly bahn mi” and I fried bologna with some soy sauce, some sriracha, some sesame oil, and then made the ginger-lime mayo and put bread & butter pickles (sweet cucumber pickle slices from Aldi) and that was pretty good, too.

So, three times this week I made a sandwich that I didn’t have to do special shopping for and tasted really good!  I used a toasted plain bagel for the bread (crispy on the outside but soft, too), lunch-meat-deli-slices toasted until caramelized in the frying pan with a little olive oil, a splash of soy sauce, dribblings of sriracha, a trace of sesame oil, with the ginger-lime mayo (fresh grated ginger-root, some lime juice, some mayo, a little srirarcha), and sweet pickles.

It was really yummy, and no weird shopping.



Chicken & dumplings (recipe)

November 25, 2013

A friend was asking for dinner ideas and when I said “chicken & dumplings” she said she always messed them up, so I wrote this for her:

Dumplings (the way we make them in Vermont, anyhow, not the noodley ones they make in some other places) are easy! 2 cups bisquick or jiffy mix (I use the Aldi brand) plus one cup quick oats and 1 cup milk and drop that biscuity mix onto gently boiling broth-y stuff. Yesterday I only put one chicken breast, cut up, with lots of fresh & frozen veggies (cook/saute (cut up) 3 stalks of celery, 3 carrots, 1 zucchini, some corn & peas), some basil & italian seasonings, garlic & pepper, with 1 of those boxes of chicken broth. Make it in a WIDE lowish pan so you can fit all the dumplings across the top. Drop by spoonfuls, cover, turn down to simmer for 12 minutes.