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Creativity in Education??

November 5, 2008

A friend sent me this and I LOVED it.

Not sure what to do about it…


But I am excited about Obama getting election, btw…  🙂


I voted early…and have done a little knitting

November 3, 2008

Did you go vote?  I mean YOU!

If you didn’t vote early or absentee you MUST go tomorrow.

Christopher Buckley…endorses Obama.  I love his quote from his dad about trying to separate the Right from the kooks.  I fall, apparently, distinctly on the Left, but I know there are lots of kooks on the Left.  And I grew up in a Libertarian household.  By all rights I ought to be half Left and half Right. I am registered as a Libertarian and have been since I first registered at 18 years of age.  I guess that I find MORE kooks on the Right, so that is why I have gone to the Left.  I would happily vote for the Libertarians or the Mountain Party instead of always Democrats, but, apparently, the idea of a TWO party and only TWO party system is so entrenched in the US that I was finally convinced (after the 2000 election debacle) that I CANNOT vote for anyone besides the lesser of the two evils.  So, here we are.  Again.


Don’t forget to research (as Helen says in her blog) your local elections as well as the Presidential election and go vote.  Tomorrow is your last chance until the next time!

For those of you sad about a lack of fibery posts:  it will be back to business as usual soon!  I just finished (finally) the bright orange & green Lion Boucle prayer shawl and today I’m starting one that is even more of a Log Cabin Moderne (a la Mason Dixon knitting) with some Jiffy I got on clearance.  It would have (the orange/green) been perhaps more “successful” as a log cabin style thing if I had PLANNED at the beginning to make it such, instead of deciding halfway through.  lol



I did some skinny spinning of superwash merino on my Baynes wheel on Friday–hopefully skinny enough to make 2 ply yarn and still use the sock machine!