Got Wool? sheep & llama t-shirts for sale

This is just what every knitter, spinner and sheep-lover needs!

I use soy-wax to stencil-batik the sheep or llama shape on the shirt, dye with procion dyes, wash, dry, hand-paint the features on the sheep and then heat-set. Each shirt is a little work of art–each is slightly different. The t-shirt color (white or greay) shows on the sheep or llama’s body and it is “crackled” with the color of the dye on the rest of the shirt.

I have these available in different sizes and colors (pink, pale blue, bright yellow-green, earthy green) for children and adults. Sheep or llama. Can also do custom orders for other sizes or colors (lilac, orange, multi-colored…). Can add “Got Wool?” or “Got Fiber?” beneath the sheep or llama if desired.  Bunnies being considered… 🙂

Infant $10-15/ea

Youth $15-20/ea

Adult $20-25/ea

extended sizes/hard to find will be extra

shipping $3.50 for one item regular USPS, $6.50 for Priority Mail and/or two items

At my etsy shop or contact me for more/special orders!
batik sheep infant onesie hot pink SMALL
sheep batik t-shirt youth medium light blue
Batik Sheep t-shirt Bright Yellow-Green XL
Sheep Batik t-shirt Unisex L blue
Spring Tulips handspun hand-dyed bulky Navajo-ply wool yarn
Black Forest Truffle Handspun Wool Yarn
Spring Tulips handspun hand-dyed wool yarn
Batik Sheep t-shirt -got wool



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One Response to “Got Wool? sheep & llama t-shirts for sale”

  1. Caroline Gardner Says:

    Hi there, I love your t-shirts! I was wondering if you have a large in the red and orange llama t-shirt available for immediate shipping? Thanks.


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