About Grace & Goodness Gracious

me as a toddler
I am a stay-at-home mom who always has 47 (or more) projects going on! When my boys were tiny, I designed a cloth diaper of my own and sell that pattern (soon, probably, to be available free online). I knit, spin, dye stuff, try to make sure my kids are happy and being educated, lead Cub Scouts, volunteer at school, read sci fi & fantasy books…

Sometimes I sell stuff on etsy.com

🙂 grace


2 Responses to “About Grace & Goodness Gracious”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Hi, Grace! I found you again! And passed your site on to a fiber/yarnlady/spinning friend of mine, Eileen, from Minnesota – you both link to some of the same knitting blogs, I noticed.
    Would like you to know that the polarfleece diaper covers you kindly made me way the heck back when have gone through my kid and two kids of *someone else’s* now and are still going strong! Go recycling!
    Good luck to you and drop me a line sometime!

  2. Dominique Wong Says:

    Hi, Grace, I’ve had so much fun checking out your web site – your batik designs are great!! and the wool is beautiful too. Can you email me back – I need to change my shirt order if it’s not too late. Great to run into you again.

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